Why Toilet Repair Jobs Are The Worst Jobs

Have you ever thought about what it takes to be a plumber? Depending on your line of work, you may see plumbers as beneath you. While plumbers may not have a formal education from a higher-level university, they are very intelligent people who chose to go to trade school and learn a very specific skill rather than pursue an education at a recognized university. Unfortunately, when we think of plumbers, most of us think of them doing toilet repair. Well, we will admit that these repair jobs are not the most glamorous. In fact, they are downright awful. But just as you had to suffer through philosophy books and long hours at the stuffy library to get to where you are, plumbers have to suffer through toilet repairs to get to a managerial position. You may understand that toilet repair jobs are not very fun, but here are some reasons why toilet repair jobs are the worst.
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  1. Imagine unclogging a toilet that is not yours

You know when you have to unclog your toilet and how annoying it is for you? It is pretty gross, and even the thought of touching the plunger makes you cringe a little bit, doesn’t it? Well, imagine unclogging a toilet that is not even yours. Sounds pretty disgusting, right? Well on top of entering a mysterious bathroom and reaching for an industrial plunger to unclog the mysterious objects or contents that clogged the toilet, usually the clog is much worse than the average person has encountered. You would not call a plumber for a clog that you can handle yourself. No, people only call plumbers when they have a nasty clog that will not come out. Because of this, plumbers may need to use a plunger for quite a while before they can clean the system out. If the plunger is not working then, you do not want to know.  One DC plumbing company we spoke to said it is not uncommon to have to use your hands at times when unclogging a toilet or moving stuff around.  Coming back to our point above, you really only call a local plumber when you are unable to do the job yourself, and the clog is so severe you have no other options.

  1. People do not clean their bathrooms before you visit

You know how people clean up their bathrooms and the rest of their homes before they have guests over? Well, people do not bother cleaning up when they have a plumber come out for toilet repair. Now we do not blame them for this because we are providing a service and we are not guests by any means. Additionally, many people have a plumbing emergency when they are hiring a plumber. Is cleaning your bathroom really what you are thinking of when you have an emergency? Probably not. What this means for plumbers though is that mold, mildew, body hair, etc. are all just a part of the job. Compared to what we find in the toilets, this is not that bad, but we cannot say that mold, mildew, and body hair make toilet repairs any better.

Obviously, plumbers know that they will need to do some nasty jobs when they sign up for the career path. It is just part of the job. We would ask that you consider the hard work and disgusting things that we go through though the next time we visit your home. We understand that you may have an emergency, but that emergency is not our fault, so yelling at us makes us upset, but a smile and a thank you can go a long way.