Did you know that what you think was okay to do with your sink can actually make you call the plumber right away? It may be surprising, but here are some things that you do that destroys your home’s plumbing system.

Improper use of the garbage disposal

Many sinks these days are equipped with a garbage disposal, yet some households tend to treat it like a trash compactor. And the result? The blades in the disposal stops working. Households tend to use the blades like a grass cutter, treating it like an all purpose knife that can cut anything such as potato peels, watermelon rinds, pumpkin carvings and a whole lot more. Garbage disposals are not meant to take all of the trash in your home, and for those who rely on well and septic for their disposal needs, extra precaution must be taken. Forcing 5 pounds of potatoes down the drain is the quickest way to require you to repair garbage disposal. Basically, using common sense is your best defense against requiring expensive plumbing repairs.

These are just some of the common things that plumbers find when they are called over to repair something. Just because it is referred to as garbage disposal doesn’t mean that you can just put anything in it.

It doesn’t mean that the household is the main problem. If you are hosting a party, make sure that you remind the guest what’s not and what is to be placed in the sink and the garbage disposal.

Missing the disposal plug

Aside from treating it like a garbage chute, many households also forget to remove the plug. It mostly happens during installation. The installation of the garbage disposal is pretty straightforward and doesn’t really need advanced skills in plumbing. But if there is a need for the unit to get connected with a dishwasher, the knockout plug that can be seen in the disposal should be removed first. There is no issue there if there is no dishwasher since the plug creates its own seal. But if it is the other way, it will block out the hole where the dish washing machine’s hose connects. This will cause water to leak all over the place.

Putting too much weight

It can be very tempting to put up weights on plumbing fixtures because it screams like it is able to handle such weight. However, manufacturers of plumbing fixtures say that they are not created for that purpose. They are created for a sole purpose only and it is how they are used. They are never meant to carry extra weight. For example, shower heads are a favorite spot for putting up shampoo racks. The bathtub spout usually becomes the footrest. Doing so will snap it up, making you spend extra on another plumbing fixture.

Joining improper connectors

Another thing that most households do to make life easier is by connecting different metal types together in plumbing lines, like copper and steel. These two metals require the right coupling. But without the right metals it can corrode the material quickly, which is referred by the plumbing professionals as dielectric corrosion. When this happens, it can close up the pipe.

If you want to avoid calling the plumber every time something happens to your drain, you better make sure that you avoid doing the things that common households do.